Sentence Examples

  • The gravest doubts, however, exist as to the authenticity of this story; Fernao Lopes, the Portuguese Froissart, who is the great authority fcr the details of the death of Inez, with some of the actors in which he was acquainted, says nothing of the ghastly ceremony, though he tells at length the tale of the funeral honours that the king bestowed upon his wife.
  • A fragment of the ghastly structure is in the library of Lincoln cathedral.
  • And as though it were foreordained that no element of horror should be wanting from the history of the crusades, in 1212 there took place one of the most ghastly tragedies that has ever happened in the world - the Crusade of the Children.
  • It is mentioned Sir Walter Scott in " The Lay of the Last Minstrel " " For he was speechless, ghastly, wan Like him of whom the story ran Who spoke the spectre hound in Man."
  • The stern determination of the British troops, which alone made possible the reduction of Delhi with so inadequate a force, was intensified, if possible, by the ghastly story of The Mass- Cawnpore.

What's another word for ghastly?

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