Sentence Examples

  • When Grey attempted to persevere with his scheme he was recalled.
  • Meanwhile, however, he was encouraged to persevere by the fact that his brother Theobald had withdrawn his claim to the duchy of Normandy, and retired in his favor.
  • As it was, Henry had accomplished just enough to tempt his countrymen to persevere for nearly thirty years in the endeavour to complete the task he had begun.
  • He failed, however, to convince two prominent members of his cabinetLord Stanley and the duke of Buccleuchthat protection must be finally abandoned, and considering it hopeless to persevere with a disunited cabinet he resigned office.
  • In spite of the universal praise of his cartoon, Leonardo did not persevere with the picture, and the monks of the Annunziata had to give back the commission to Filippino Lippi, at whose death the task was completed by Perugino.