Sentence Examples

  • The rest was blocked, as if a dam was placed there.
  • The dam differs in shape according to the nature of particular localities.
  • Is about equally divided by the Merrimac, which is here crossed by a great stone dam 900 ft.
  • During the war Flanders Woo), he took Douai, Bethune and Dam, received the submission of Guy of Dampierre, and aided King Philip IV., the Fair, to gain the battle of Mons-en-Pevele, on the 18th of August 1304.
  • In 1904-1905 the city built on the Scioto river a concrete storage dam, having a capacity of 5,000,000,000 gallons, and in 1908 it completed the construction of enormous works for filtering and softening the water-supply, and of works for purifying the flow of sewage - the two costing nearly $5,000,000.

What's another word for dam?

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