Sentence Examples

  • A scrupulous insistence on making his meaning clear led to an iteration of certain adjectives and adverbs, which at length deadened the effect beyond the endurance of all but the most resolute students.
  • His favourite theories of the nature and aims of history, of the distinction between the universal and special histories, of the duties of an historian, sound as most of them are in themselves, are enforced with wearisome iteration; more than once the effect of a graphic picture is spoilt by obtrusive moralizing.
  • Antiquities," Baptism, Iteration of "; and on that of the readmission of heretics into the church, compare Martene, De ritibus, and Morinus, De poenitentia.
  • It is of moment, then, to discover from his emphasis, whether by iteration or by fulness of scale, what objects he had in mind in writing.
  • The fabliaux, the early burlesque romances of the Audigier class, the farces of the t5th century, equal (the grotesque iteration and amplification which is the note of Gargantua and Pantagruel being allowed for, and sometimes without that allowance) the coarsest passages of Rabelais.