Sentence Examples

  • So little was the collection considered as a literary work with a definite text that every one assumed a right to abridge or enlarge, to insert ideas of his own, or fresh scriptural quotations; nor were the scribes and translators by any means scrupulous about the names of natural objects, and even the passages from Holy Writ.
  • - Where an agreement for a lease specifies only such essential conditions as the payment of rent, and either mentions no other terms, or provides that the lease shall contain the " usual " covenants, the parties are entitled to have inserted in the lease made in pursuance of the agreement such other provisions as are " usual " in leases of property of the same character, and in the same district, not being provisions tending to abridge or qualify the legal incidents of the estate intended to be granted to the lessee.
  • Alcuin (q.v.) does nothing more in his Dialectic than abridge Boetius and the other commentators.
  • The evils attendant on this system were found to be so great that the Pluralities Act 1838 was passed to abridge the holding of benefices in plurality, and it was enacted that no person should hold under any circumstances more than two benefices, and this privilege was made subject to the restriction that his benefices were within ten statute miles of each other.
  • Immediately afterward he was a member of a commission appointed "to revise the laws in force in the state; to select, abridge, alter and digest them, so as to be accommodated to the present government."

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