Sentence Examples

  • Find a way to undermine the opponent.
  • Moreover, the arguments by which Heraclitus supported this theory of the universal flux are employed by Protagoras to undermine the possibility of objective truth, by dissolving all knowledge into the momentary sensation or persuasion of the individual.
  • Sparta could not only rely on voluntary co-operation but could undermine Athenian influence by posing as the champion of autonomy.
  • News and information that undermine their credibility or authority aren't so welcome either.
  • The object of the new expedition was (to quote Emin's instructions) "to secure on behalf of Germany the territories situated south of and along Victoria Nyanza up to Albert Nyanza," and to "make known to the population there that they were placed under German supremacy and protection, and to break or undermine Arab influence as far as possible."

What's another word for undermine?

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