Sentence Examples

  • The "singing lessons" were to strengthen her voice.
  • These fortresses, garrisoned not by the king, as in Norman England, but by their possessors, would only strengthen the power of the feudatories, and help to dissipate the kingdom into a number of local units.
  • They often took opposite sides in politics and they also differed in the type of their religious life; but they uniformly desired to strengthen one another in living intercourse with God.
  • There was thus a steady immigration into the kingdom, to strengthen its armies and recruit with new blood the vigour of its inhabitants.
  • After yielding to these hard conditions, Turkey took advantage of her respite to strengthen the frontier defences and to put down the rebellions in Syria and Egypt; some effort was also expended on the hopeless task of reforming the Janissaries.

What's another word for strengthen?

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