Sentence Examples

  • The Rejuvenating Serum infuses hylaronic acid to hydrate the skin plus vitamins ACE to help nourish the skin and fortify against damage from the sun and our polluted environment.
  • The tour which is scheduled from August 14-21 and promises a good time for all with a large selection of activities, delicious cuisine, luxurious amenities to pamper yourself, and a Christian atmosphere to refresh a nourish yourself.
  • While understanding what vitamins are good for the skin can help you plan a diet that will nourish your skin, there are other steps to follow to care for and protect your skin so it can always look its best.
  • Knowing what to avoid will make life easier in many ways, while following some recommended tips will yield positive, pleasurable results that will hopefully nourish and protect your relationship.
  • According to the manufacturer, "this nutritional supplement is used to nourish and protect hair, skin and nails from the inside to improve and sustain their growth, strength and health."