Sentence Examples

  • He recognized that the fault of the government lay in the fact that it did not govern, and he deplored that his own function, in a decadent age, was but " to prop up mouldering institutions."
  • Christianity is founded on Judaism; its main prop is the argument from the fulfilment of prophecy.
  • In another system introduced by the Mannesmann Tube Company the prop is made up of weldless steel tubes sliding telescopically one within the other, which are fixed at the right height by a screw clamp capable of carrying a load of 15 to 16 tons.
  • The capture of that island had caused an immigration of Spanish refugees to Santiago that greatly increased its importance; and the illicit trade to the same island - mainly in hides and cattle - that flourished from this time onward was a main prop of prosperity.
  • Prop. iv.

What's another word for prop?

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