Sentence Examples

  • Jigg, or Jig, is a very important factor, as will be seen hereafter.
  • The English " jig " is derived from gige through the O.
  • She darned near did a jig and couldn't wait to write about it—didn't even take time to dream it.
  • Gigue (in the sense of a stringed instrument); the modern French gigue (a dance) is the English " jig " re-imported (Hatzfeld and Darmesteter, Dictionnaire)_ This opens up another possibility, of the origin of the name of the instrument in the dance which it accompanied.
  • In a large colliery where the shafts are situated near the centre of the field, and the workings extend on all sides, both to the dip and rise, the drawing roads for the coal may be of three different kinds - (r) levels driven at right angles to the dip, suitable for horse roads, (2) rise ways, known as jinny roads, jig-brows, or up-brows, which, when of sufficient slope, may be used as self-acting planes, i.e.