Sentence Examples

  • In essence, the crossover vehicle first used as a marketing ploy evolved by each auto manufacturer's production of what they considered to be a crossover based on seating, driving maneuverability, and interior family-themed features.
  • Each Christmas he teams up with his partner in crime, Marcus, to portray Santa and his trusty elf at department stores, a ploy that allows Marcus to case the store while Willie mangles every child's dream of meeting Santa Claus.
  • As part of the main character's ploy to make robbers think his house was occupied, cardboard silhouettes "dance" to the song as Christmas lights twinkle, proving anyone can get caught up in its infectious beat.
  • This month it's Meghan McCain, last month it was the whole my-boyfriend-beat-me lie, story, then it was the I'm-gonna-kill-myself, ploy (which she Twittered a veritable "just kidding")... now this?
  • Although you might think it an industry ploy to get you to spend more money in stores, more and more retailers are giving you gift cards for purchasing a Wii (or other system).