Sentence Examples

  • If you are not a native speaker of Japanese, then having your tattoo proofread by a person who understands the language before the needle hits is absolutely crucial to avoid a poorly translated tattoo.
  • Take the Time to Proofread: If your reference letter is lacking in grammar, style and spelling accuracy, chances are good this will reflect poorly on the candidate you are writing about.
  • A good book review follows the same basic rules as any other type of writing: write in the active voice, don't ramble, and proofread your work carefully when you're finished.
  • Proofread and re-draft any essays until they're the best you can make them, and double-check that all of your materials are complete and professional before you submit them.
  • Remove this information and replace it with your own.Always proofread the information in a free template before using it for business correspondence.