Sentence Examples

  • By this enterprise, which his whole tradition imposed upon him, he reckoned to flatter the amour-propre of his subjects, and rally to him the liberals and even the republicans, with their passion for propagandism.
  • He felt that he could only rally the people to him by procuring them the satisfaction of their national pride.
  • Thus at the end of 1860, the very time when he had hoped that his personal policy was to rally round him once for all the whole of France, and assure the future of his dynasty, he saw, on the contrary, that it was turning against him his strongest supporters.
  • In order to rally the sound part of the nation Louis should leave Paris, and, if necessary, he should prepare for a civil war; but he should never appeal to foreign powers.
  • Unwilling even now to despair of the future, he still sought to rally his friends for a fresh propaganda.

What's another word for rally?

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