Sentence Examples

  • The long-continued incitement to catabolism of the waking day thus of itself predisposes the nerve cells towards rebound into the opposite phase; the increased catabolism due to the day's stimuli induces increase of anabolism, and though recuperation goes on to a large extent during the day itself, the recuperative process is slower than, and lags behind, the disintegrative.
  • For a period of five years after the financial panic of 1873 the growth was comparatively slow, but in the succeeding two years the recuperation was rapid.
  • The Danish national debt, too, had risen enormously, while the sources of future income and consequent recuperation had diminished or disappeared.
  • The model has no power of recuperation; in a comparatively short time equilibrium is restored and the resemblance with protoplasm disappears.
  • But the opposition, while unable to deny the recuperation of Hungary, shut their eyes to everything but Tisza's " tyranny, " and their attacks were never so savage and unscrupulous as during the session of 1889, when threats of a revolution were uttered by the opposition leaders and the premier could only enter or leave the House under police protection.

What's another word for recuperation?

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