Sentence Examples

  • - It has been truly said that all Locke's writings, even the Essay on Human Understanding itself, were occasional, and " intended directly to counteract the enemies of reason and freedom in his own age."
  • The antagonism between certain drugs has been much studied in relation to their use as antidotes in poisoning, the aim being to counteract the effects rather than to obtain a direct physiological antagonistic action.
  • Oehler admitted the composite authorship of the Pentateuch and the Book of Isaiah, and did much to counteract the antipathy against the Old Testament that had been fostered by Schleiermacher.
  • In order to counteract this aberration the whole objective must be correspondingly under-corrected.
  • To counteract the influence of Jerusalem he established golden calves at Dan and Bethel, an act which to later ages was as gross a piece of wickedness as his rebellion against the legitimate dynasty of Judah.

What's another word for counteract?

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