Sentence Examples

  • With all reverence, an historical student has to deduct something from both these statements.
  • This rate is made upon the occupier and not upon the landlord, and the occupier is not entitled, save in a few specified cases, to deduct any of the rate from his rent.
  • The most scientific procedure, however, is to calculate the probable earnings of the immigrant during the rest of his lifetime, and deduct therefrom his expenses of living.
  • It remained the wife's for life, descending to her children, if any; otherwise returning to her family, when the husband could deduct the bride-price if it had not been given to her, or return it, if it had.
  • Calippus, Therefore, Proposed To Quadruple The Period Of Meton, And Deduct One Day At The End Of That Time By Changing One Of The Full Months Into A Deficient Month.