Sentence Examples

  • Sports enthusiasts who wear pantyhose for increased stamina, or those with medical conditions that require the level of support pantyhose offer, tend to rail at the term "pantyhose," and with some validation.
  • To validate that joy through an emotion you feel is sometimes difficult, but reading poetry can release that joy, that emotion, and give it validation through tone, if not always with exact words.
  • Avoid fake tickets and expired coupons by always checking validation codes and expiration dates - many summer promotions for discounted Cedar Point admission end before Halloweekends begin.
  • A parent's willingness to listen to and sympathize with a child's fears provides a necessary validation of the child's experience and helps to calm the child's anxiety.
  • The first contact from the collector can be by phone; however, they must follow-up that call with a written "Validation Notice" within five days.