Sentence Examples

  • Paul, notwithstanding his deposition, kept possession of the episcopal residence.
  • In 1631 the spahis of Asia Minor rose in revolt, in protest against the deposition of the grand vizier Khosrev; their representatives crowded to Constantinople, stoned the new grand vizier, Hafiz, in the court of the palace, and pursued the sultan himself into the inner apartments, clamouring for seventeen heads of his advisers and favourites, on penalty of his own deposition.
  • The book is interesting as an early study in comparative religion, but its publication in 1692 led to Bekker's deposition from the ministry.
  • From the Dividing Range, where the river ceases to act as a denuding agent, and the area of deposition begins, at a level of 250 ft.
  • These succeeded in gaining over the Sheikh-ul-Islam, and in obtaining from him a fetva for the deposition of Abd-ul-Aziz.

What's another word for deposition?

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