Sentence Examples

  • Humphrey had charged his uncle with disloyalty to the late and present kings.
  • This independence caused great wrath at St Petersburg, where Bernstorff was accused of disloyalty, and ultimately sacrificed to the resentment of the Russian government (13th of November 1780), the more readily as he already disagreed on many important points of domestic administration with the prime minister Haegh Guldberg.
  • He was forced to join Napoleon in the war against Russia; and even when the disastrous campaign of 181 2 had for the time broken the French power, it was not his own resolution, but the loyal disloyalty of General York in concluding with Russia the convention of Tauroggen that forced him into line with the patriotic fervour of his people.
  • His principal difficulties were due to the aggressiveness of Muscovy and the disloyalty of Prussia.
  • No sooner did copies of the book reach Paris than he found himself shunned by his former associates, and though he was himself so little conscious of disloyalty that he was forward to present a manuscript copy " engrossed in vellum in a marvellous fair hand" 3 to the young king of the Scots (who, after the defeat at Worcester, escaped to Paris about the end of October), he was denied the royal presence when he sought it shortly afterwards.

What's another word for disloyalty?

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