Sentence Examples

  • Even now they are entirely untrustworthy in this respect.
  • The results were, however, always untrustworthy owing to annual and diurnal changes in the instrument.
  • The tradition that he was descended from Dr Rowland Taylor, Cranmer's chaplain, who suffered martyrdom under Mary, is grounded on the untrustworthy evidence of a certain Lady Wray, said to have been a granddaughter of Jeremy Taylor.
  • The greatest punishment to an untrustworthy slave is tc give him his liberty and let him earn his living.
  • No doubt there is much that is purely artificial and untrustworthy in the late (post-exilic) representations of these divisions, but it is almost incredible that the historical foundation for their early career is severed from the written sources by centuries of warfare, immigration and other disturbing factors.