Sentence Examples

  • He entered the English army, and in 1811, as aide-de-camp to the duke of Wellington, took part in several campaigns of the Peninsula War.
  • Promoted lieut.-general in 1864, he was nominated aide-de-camp-general and governor of the military conscription of Vilna.
  • In 1745 he became aide-de-camp to the duke of Cumberland in Germany, and was present at Fontenoy; in the following year he had command of a regiment at Culloden.
  • In November 1777 he was appointed volunteer aide-de-camp to William Alexander (" Lord Stirling "), with the rank of major, and thereby lost his rank in the Continental line; but in the following year, at Washington's solicitation, he received a commission as lieutenant-colonel in a new regiment to be raised in Virginia.
  • In 1908, as aide-de-camp of Gen.

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