Sentence Examples

  • It became, indeed, subservient to the Romanist archbishopric of Prague, which had been reestablished by Ferdinand I.
  • (1521-1557) was a ruler of fair ability, who became in his later years wholly subservient to his ecclesiastical advisers.
  • As king of the Jews (37-4 B.C.) Herod was completely subject and eagerly subservient to his Roman masters.
  • But Kiamil Pasha was not subservient enough to his imperial master's will, and his place was taken by a military man, Jevad Pasha, from whom no independence of action was to be apprehended.
  • Temminck, whose father's aid to Le Vaillant has already been noticed, brought out at Paris a Histoire naturelle des pigeons illustrated by Madame Knip, who had drawn the plates for Desmarest's volume.3 Since we have begun by considering these large illustrated works in which the text is made subservient to the coloured plates, it may be convenient to continue our notice of such others of similar character as it may be expedient to mention here, though thereby we shall be led somewhat far afield.

What's another word for subservient?

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