Sentence Examples

  • By interfering with popular electoral rights the king and his ministers succeeded in assembling a servile diet in 1851, and this surrendered all the privileges gained since 1848.
  • To the French or Norman knight all peasants on his manor seemed to be villeins, and he failed to understand the distinction between freemen who had personally commended themselves to his English predecessor but still owned their land, and the mass of ordinary servile tenants.
  • The poorer servile classes or cottiers, wood-cutters, swine-herds, &c., who had a right of domicile (acquired after three generations), lived here and there in small hamlets on the mountains and poorer lands of the estate.
  • The cruelties which have generally accompanied Whiteboyism is common to servile insurrections all over the world.
  • In their grand council and their domains they would have none but silent, servile and well-disciplined agents.

What's another word for servile?

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