Sentence Examples

  • The stole is his obedience and servitude for our sakes; (3) the allegorical school, which treats the priest as a warrior or champion, who puts on the amice as a helmet, the alb as a breastplate, and so on.
  • In Wales they are distributed into gavells and gwelys, like the free tribesmen themselves and thus connected with the land, but there is nothing to show that this connexion was deemed a servitude of the glebe.
  • Professor de Louter defines it as " une servitude du droit des gens (servitus juris gentium), et qui differe de la servitude du droit priv y en ce qu'elle ne constitue pas un droit reel (jus in re aliena) mais un droit entre deux personnes de droit international (subjecta juris gentium) " (Revue de droit international, 18 99, p. 33 0).
  • For example, in the Merchant Taylors the fees are - upon taking up the freedom, by patrimony or servitude, £I, 3s.
  • There are no vindictive punishments, such as a solitary confinement, penal servitude for long terms of years, &c. Seldom, indeed, is a man imprisoned more than twelve months, the rule being that there is a general jail delivery at the New Year.

What's another word for servitude?

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