Sentence Examples

  • They were sentenced to banishment in Staten Island at the pleasure of the federal government.
  • During the three years of his banishment Calvin was at Strassburg, where he had been carrying out his ideas.
  • 256, in banishment at Kartank, a suburb of Samarkand.
  • Tostig's banishment led to the invasion of Harold Hardrada, king of Norway, and the battle of Stamford Bridge, in which both perished.
  • One of these myths is the famous story of Ishtar's descent to Irkalla or Aralu, as the lower world was called, and her reception by her sister who presides over it; the other is the story of Nergal's offence against Ereshkigal, his banishment to the kingdom controlled by the goddess and the reconciliation between Nergal and Ereshkigal through the latter's offer to have Nergal share the honours of the rule over Irkalla.

What's another word for Banishment?

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