Sentence Examples

  • So long as the Mongol empire remained united and strong, they were most submissive and 1362- obsequious, but as soon as it was weakened by internal 1389.
  • The greater part of the territory was formally incorporated into the empire, and the petty potentates, such as the khan of Khiva and the amir of Bokhara, who were allowed to retain a semblance of their former sovereignty, became obsequious vassals of the White Tsar.
  • His obsequious language on this occasion, and the favours with which it was rewarded, formed a too violent contrast to the determined attitude of the university of Paris, which, tired of the schism, was even then demanding the resignation of the two pontiffs.
  • Obsequious service is expected, and one generally leaves a tip.
  • Essays that are too obsequious are often too obviously pandering to the writer in question.

What's another word for obsequious?

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