Sentence Examples

  • Docile and easily tamed when young, old males of many of the species become exceedingly morose and savage in captivity.
  • Office Canovas had not so much trouble with the opposition as with the divisions which sprang tip in the Conservative ranks, though he fancied that he had managed the general election in 1891 so as to secure the customary docile majorities.
  • His tribe of paltry, rapacious and embarrassing Corsicans; his admirably subservient generals; his selfish ministers, docile agents, apprehensive of the future, who for fourteen long years felt a prognostication of defeat and discounted the inevitable catastrophe.
  • His good-conduct notes for this period describe him as "docile, patient, diligent, painstaking, thorough."
  • Darmstadt and Saxony, which he attached to France under the name of the Confederation of the Rhine; but the treaty of Presburg gave France nothing but the danger of a more centralized and less docile Germany.

What's another word for docile?

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