Sentence Examples

  • With Yancey's kind, there's no such thing as a mild emotion, neither in anger nor in love.
  • Betty-Boop or whatever your name is, if you tarry much longer I may be forced to introduce myself, though taking you, at least at this time, would cause a mild alteration to my carefully formulated plans.
  • "I was waiting in the portal room with her when Darkyn came to tell me I wasn't leaving," Wynn said with mild amusement.
  • He hummed, a feeling of mild accomplishment sandwiched between the failure to contact Martha and the trepidation of potentially being made a fool by Seymour "Fitz" Fitzgerald, sheriff candidate.
  • . .but mild snooping was second nature to him, so he began to poke around Joseph Dawkins's room.

What's another word for mild?

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