Sentence Examples

  • With more lenity and the position of Fesch thus became for a time less difficult.
  • This ill-judged lenity provoked a few months later an intolerable insult to his dignity.
  • Amasis, sent to meet them and quell the revolt, was proclaimed king by the rebels, and Apries, who had now to rely entirely on his mercenaries, was defeated and taken prisoner in the ensuing conflict at Momemphis; the usurper treated the captive prince with great lenity, but was eventually persuaded to give him up to the people, by whom he was strangled and buried in his ancestral tomb at Sais.
  • Towards the Jews, however, he acted with exceptional lenity, protecting them from persecution and securing them the enjoyment of their legal privileges.
  • Severity and extreme lenity were strangely mingled in the treatment he received.