Sentence Examples

  • He wore a breezy, short-sleeved shirt.
  • "Vampire something," she said then gave a breezy sigh.
  • It almost invariably grows in rich, open, breezy pastures, in places where the grass is kept short by the grazing of horses, herds and flocks.
  • This breezy life saved him from the artificial stupidity which is too often superinduced in boys by their school training.
  • Situated on a slightly elevated headland facing Swansea Bay and the Bristol Channel, it has fine sands, rocks and breezy commons, on one of which, near golf links resorted to from all parts of Glamorgan, is "The Rest," a convalescent home for the working classes, completed in 1891, with accommodation for eighty persons.

What's another word for breezy?

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