Sentence Examples

  • The magistrates of this city were not less amenable than had been the bishop of Wiirzburg in 1673.
  • The derisively small number of people made amenable for these crimes have been released under the Belfast agreement.
  • Annual pruning, to which the hawthorn is particularly amenable, is necessary if the hedge is to maintain its compactness and sturdiness.
  • The practical problems of fluid motion, which are amenable to mathematical analysis when viscosity is taken into account, are excluded from treatment here, as constituting a separate branch called "hydraulics" (q.v.).
  • In T831, on the separation of Holland and Belgium, the former had become more amenable to reason; and a system was agreed upon which practically gave free navigation to the vessels of the riverine states, while imposing a moderate tariff upon foreign ships.

What's another word for amenable?

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