Sentence Examples

  • The coat is shaggy and oily, and is preferred with as little white as possible, but the general black coloration may have rusty shades.
  • Otterhounds are thick, woolly harriers with oily underfur.
  • Ann., 1834, 31, p. 625), and is prepared commercially by the gradual addition of benzene to a well-cooled mixture of concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids, the oily product being separated, washed with alkali, and then distilled.
  • Teak wood is straight in the grain and exceptionally strong and durable, its oily nature enabling it to resist the attacks of insects and to preserve, iron nails and fastenings.
  • The milk is then carefully dried by turning the mould round and round in the smoke produced by burning wood mixed with certain oily palm nuts; those of A ttalea excelsa are considered best, the smoke being confined within certain limits by the narrowness of the neck of the pot in which the nuts are heated.

What's another word for oily?

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