Sentence Examples

  • Her eyes were dry and glistening, her lips compressed, her cheeks sunken.
  • Thus, water, moisture, weep, tears, inundate, irrigate," &c. The word a can also mean " shining, glistening," an idea evidently developed from the shining rippling of water.
  • The leaves of these plants are blackish-green, and in the gloom of the forest, grow more or less horizontally, and are glistening with moisture.
  • It crystallizes in glistening rhombohedra, melting at 70°-80° C., and boiling at Ioo° C. It is completely resolved into its components when warmed with dilute acids.
  • Externally, the body of a Sipunculoid presents no projections: its surface is as a rule even, and often glistening, and the colour varies from whitish through yellow to dark brown.

What's another word for glistening?

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