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Another word for accomplice

  1. One who assists a lawbreaker in a wrongful or criminal act

      1. Something extra; thing added to help in a secondary way
      2. A subordinate or supplementary item; an adjunct.
      3. A piece of optional equipment for convenience, comfort, appearance, etc.
      1. (Psychology) An actor who participates in a psychological experiment pretending to be a subject but in actuality working for the researcher (also known as a "stooge").
      2. (Newfoundland) A supporter of Confederation between Newfoundland and Canada.
      3. A person, group, nation, or state united with another or others for a common purpose; ally; associate
      1. Part of a group that agree to do an unlawful or unethical act.
      2. One of a group that acts in harmony
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Another word for accomplice