Confederate Synonyms

One nation associated with another in a common cause
United in a confederacy or league
  1. secessionist
  2. rebel
  3. southern
  4. slave
  5. allied
  6. slaveholding
  7. south of the Mason Dixon line
  8. united
  9. federated
  10. combined
  11. confederated
  12. federate
  13. in alliance
  14. incorporated
  15. corporate
  16. federal
  17. unionized
  18. syndicated
  19. amalgamated
  20. leagued
  21. associated
  22. organized
  23. in-league
  24. in cahoots
  25. confederative
One who assists a lawbreaker in a wrongful or criminal act
To be formally associated, as by treaty
Form a group or unite
  1. band-together
One who assists in a plot; an accomplice.
  1. partner

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