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Another word for align

  1. To place in or form a line or lines

      1. A number or grouping of things in the same category or within specified limits:
      2. An amount or extent of variation:
      3. The gamut of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing.
      1. A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction and the reverse direction.
      2. A thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, or brush applied to a surface.
      3. A similar mark cut or scratched into a surface.
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  2. To be formally associated, as by treaty

      1. An association of states, organizations, or individuals for common action; an alliance.
      2. An association of teams or clubs that compete chiefly among themselves.
      3. A class or level of competition:
      1. To cause to join into a league, federal union, or similar association.
      2. To become united into a federal union.
      3. United in a federation.
      1. A member of a confederacy; an ally.
      2. One who assists in a plot; an accomplice.
      3. A supporter of the Confederate States of America.
      1. To place in a friendly association, as by treaty:
      2. To unite or connect in a personal relationship, as in friendship or marriage.
      3. To enter into an alliance:

Another word for align

  1. To adjust

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  2. To join

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