Sentence Examples

  • About that time he began to conspire with a view to restore the son of Queen Isabella.
  • In spite of the defeat of his party, and of the fact that he was forced several times to take refuge in England, Cadoudal did not cease both to wage war and to conspire in favour of the royalist pretenders.
  • Expelled from France, he joined Mazzini in London, and continued to conspire for the redemption of Italy.
  • The carnage of the Terror spread far beyond the clergy and the nobility, beyond even the middle class, for peasants and artisans were among the victims. It spread far beyond those who could conspire or rebel, for bedridden old men and women and young boys and girls were often sacrificed.
  • During Macdonald's administration the Sudanese under Selim Bey began to conspire against the British control.