Sentence Examples

  • "I was back again!" he said as excited as a little leaguer with his first hit."
  • In June 1576 the long siege of Zierikzee, the capital of Schou.wen, ended in its surrender to the Spanish general Mondragon, after the failure of a gallant attempt by Admiral Boisot to break the leaguer, in which he lost The great his life.
  • In 1593 the leaguer of Geertruidenburg put the seal on Maurice's reputation as an invincible besieger.
  • Though all the standard weights and measures are British, the following old Dutch measures are still used: - Liquid Measure: Leaguer = about 128 imperial gallons; half aum =15 z imperial gallons; anker = 71 imperial gallons.
  • A trader who is even suspected of dealing with such a victim of tyranny may be ruined by the mere imputation; his customers shun him from fear, and he is obliged to get a character from some notorious leaguer.