Sentence Examples

  • Was it so outrageous to think that he might actually want to be near her?
  • This was due in the main to the outrageous insolence of her allpowerful favourite Biren, who hated the Russian nobility and trampled upon them mercilessly.
  • Was he mocking her, or did he think she was naive enough to believe his outrageous flattery?
  • Holding firmly to the principle, voi16wv cb'cr c 197Tpoi., he did not allow himself to remain inactive in the presence of disease; he was not a merely " expectant " physician; as Sydenham puts it, his practice was " the support of enfeebled and the coercion of outrageous nature."
  • This revenge was the more outrageous since Henry had personally exerted himself on behalf of the Montforts after Evesham.

What's another word for outrageous?

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