Sentence Examples

  • His trial, however, ended in a scandalous fiasco.
  • It is frequently asserted that discipline was lax at this period and that ministers of scandalous lives were allowed to continue in their charges.
  • The exking Louis, who now lived at Florence, had compelled her by a scandalous law-suit to give up to him the elder of her two children.
  • It gained, however, such a scandalous notoriety for disorder that it was discontinued in 1855, the rights being purchased for £3000.
  • It was not till the next year but one that Henry renewed his invasion of Francethe intervening space was spent in ne ~ gotiations with Burgundy, and with the emperor and the Sigismund,whose aid the king secured in return for council of help in putting an end to the scandalous great ~onstaace.