Sentence Examples

  • His trial, however, ended in a scandalous fiasco.
  • The result was a scandalous series of scenes in parliament and of courts martial.
  • For some hasty words, amplified by the doubtful evidence of treacherous retainers,, ,~t together with a foolish charge of dabbling with astro~t~e ~n logers, the heir of the royal line ~ Thomas of Woodstock duke of had been tried and executed with scandalous haste.
  • Of the clergy, and swept away scandalous and profitable abuses, but to attack the church or re-mould received theology was far from his thoughts.
  • As a temporal ruler John was devoid of the vigour and firmness of his father, and his union of the papal office - which through his scandalous private life he made a byword of reproach - with his civil dignities proved a source of weakness rather than of strength.