Sentence Examples

  • But it did not stop the heinous acts he's committing.
  • C. 2 (a temporary act) took away " clergy," in certain heinous crimes, from all persons not in " holy " orders.
  • This last enormous privilege, which became one of the main and most efficient instruments of the subjection of Europe to clerical tyranny, extended to matters both civil and criminal; though, as Bingham shows, it did not (always and everywhere) prevail in cases of heinous crime (Origines Eccles.
  • Great efforts were made to obtain mercy for the accused, but the crime was considered too heinous, and the pope (Clement VIII.) refused to grant a pardon; on the i ith of September 1599, Beatrice and Lucrezia were beheaded, and Giacomo, after having been tortured with redhot pincers, was killed with a mace, drawn and quartered.
  • Yet even in the enlightened 18th century popular fanaticism made of sacrilege the most heinous offence.

What's another word for heinous?

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