Sentence Examples

  • Qat had eleven brothers, not much more reputable than the Osbaldistones in Rob Roy.
  • Forfar seems to have played a less reputable part in the persecution of witches.
  • The latter does not keep well, and the best way of using ergot is to dissolve tablets obtained from a reputable maker, and containing some of the active principles, in pure water, the solution being injected subcutaneously.
  • They were eventually disowned by the more reputable Jansenists, and were severely repressed by the police.
  • The legend of an indecent consecration at the Nag's Head tavern in Fleet Street seems first to have been printed by the Jesuit, Christopher Holywood, in 1604; and it has long been abandoned by reputable controversialists.

What's another word for reputable?

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