Sentence Examples

  • She arrived at the house determined to be a better wife to such a deserving husband.
  • He didn't think the memory was enough of a punishment for taking the life of an innocent human, but he was constrained again by the primary mission of the Guardians to protect humanity against evil, deserving or not.
  • I realize in most ways Edith isn't deserving of too much sympathy, but I still think of her as a tragic figure.
  • The room even smelled like Sasha.  Rhyn cursed his dead half-brother silently and left, traveling the black stone halls of the fortress in Hell where he'd spent most of his life.  He reached the door before the block of cells where Sasha had collected his favorite creatures in Hell to create his own twisted, private zoo.  They'd referred to the sick Immortal as the zookeeper, a creature as deserving of a cell as any.
  • At Rome the hope of an alliance was encouraged, but on condition that Bocchus showed himself deserving of it.

What's another word for deserving?

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