Sentence Examples

  • He didn't think the memory was enough of a punishment for taking the life of an innocent human, but he was constrained again by the primary mission of the Guardians to protect humanity against evil, deserving or not.
  • I realize in most ways Edith isn't deserving of too much sympathy, but I still think of her as a tragic figure.
  • At Rome the hope of an alliance was encouraged, but on condition that Bocchus showed himself deserving of it.
  • Finally, he admits that rhetoric is not the highest accomplishment, and that philosophy is far more deserving of attention.
  • The New Zealand Subregion, considered by Professors Newton and Huxley and various other zoogeographers as deserving the rank of a region, is, and to all appearance has long been, more isolated than any other portion of the globe.

What's another word for deserving?

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