Sentence Examples

  • It was recognized that the inheritance of future generations was being recklessly sacrificed to satisfy the immoderate desire for profit.
  • That local taxation as a whole, though susceptible of some redistribution, is neither immoderate nor burdensome.
  • I have been (as your majesty knoweth best) never author of any immoderate counsel, but always desired to have things carried suavibus modis.
  • Earthing up therefore prevents these injuries, but where practised to an immoderate extent it materially reduces the produce of tubers.
  • On the contrary, he is careful to point out, first, that immoderate social affections defeat themselves, miss their proper end, and are therefore bad; secondly, that as an individual's good is part of the good of the whole " self-affections " existing in a duly limited degree are morally good.