Sentence Examples

  • Is the unbalanced effort required.
  • His discontent found vent in the passionate, unbalanced lyrics of this period.
  • The unbalanced masses of a locomotive may be divided into two parts, namely, masses which revolve, as the crank-pins, the crank-cheeks, the couplingrods, &c.; and masses which reciprocate, made up of the piston, piston-rod, cross-head and a certain proportion of the connecting-rod.
  • Deflecting Force for Translation in a Curved Path.In machinery, deflecting force is supplied by the tenacity of some piece, such as a crank, which guides the deflected body in its curved path, and is unbalanced, being employed in producing deflexion, and not in balancing another force.
  • Let M be the moment of the unbalanced couple required to produce the deviation; ther by equation 57, 104, the energy exerted by this couple in tht interval dt is Macit, which, being equated to the variation of energy gives da R2W da -