Sentence Examples

  • Although containing an asymmetric carbon atom it has not been resolved.
  • Van't Hoff and others have established, corresponds to the presence of one or more asymmetric atoms of carbon - that is, atoms directly united to elements or radicles all different from one another - and in every case there exists an isomer that rotates the plane of polarization to the same degree in the opposite direction.
  • VALERIC ACID, or [[Valerianic Acid, C4h9 C02h]], an organic acid belonging to the fatty acid series, which exists in four isomeric forms, one of which contains an asymmetric carbon atom and consequently occurs in two optically active modifications and one optically inactive modification.
  • The acid sulphate, NaHSO 4, also known as bisulphate of soda, is obtained as large asymmetric prisms by crystallizing a solution of equivalent quantities of the normal sulphate and sulphuric acid above 50°.
  • The normal nitrate, Bi(N03)3.5H20, is obtained in large transparent asymmetric prisms by evaporating a solution of the metal in nitric acid.

What's another word for asymmetric?

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