Sentence Examples

  • But he was almost unawares borne away by the mighty currents of the time, and he took part in the attacks on the monarchy, on the clergy, on church property, and on the provincial parlements.
  • Taken unawares, he made no attempt at resistance, and Tewfik was at once proclaimed khedive.
  • This measure took the Doukhobors unawares, and at first they outwardly submitted to it.
  • Effort, which had been made when they were enjoying the advantages derived from concentration as opposed to dispersion, and when they were in the position to take the Turks unawares, had miscarried.
  • Taken unawares and signally out-manoeuvred at Anzac and Suvla, Liman von Sanders perceived that his antagonists would probably retire from Helles also, and he took measures accordingly.

What's another word for unawares?

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