Sentence Examples

  • Today, we leave this rustic life and move to the city.
  • Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains.
  • For example, when one considers how often milk is used in the tending and propitiation of venerated snakes, it is noteworthy that in Roman cult the truly rustic deities are offered milk (Fowler), and it is no less singular that many of the old goddesses of Greece have serpent attributes (Harrison).'
  • As a rustic dialect the language lasted on in North Africa till the 5th century A.D.
  • Picumnus, a rustic deity (like Picus) and husband of Pomona, is specially concerned with the manuring of the soil and hence called Sterquilinus, while Pilumnus is the inventor of the pounding of grain, so named from the pestle (pi/um) used by bakers.