Sentence Examples

  • From this point the work was carried on by Philistus's fellow countryman Athanas.
  • By birth Jeremiah was a countryman; he came of a priestly family whose estate lay at Anathoth " in the land of Benjamin " (xxxii.
  • In fact the pasha was an illiterate barbarian, of the same type as his countryman Ali of Iannina, courageous, cruel, astute, full of wiles, avaricious and boundlessly ambitious.
  • He was dressed plainly, and, with his reddish-brown hair and mud-bespattered face, looked like a hard- working countryman just in from the backwoods.
  • Attracted by the fame of his countryman, Lanfranc, then prior of Bec, he entered Normandy, and, after spending some time at Avranches, settled at the monastery of Bec. There, at the age of twentyseven, he became a monk; three years later, when Lanfranc was promoted to the abbacy of Caen, he was elected prior.

What's another word for countryman?

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