Sentence Examples

  • Of George Sand's style a foreigner can be but an imperfect judge, but French critics, from Sainte-Beuve, Nisard and Caro down to Jules Lemaitre and Faguet, have agreed to praise her spontaneity, her correctness of diction, her easy opulence - the lactea ubertas that Quintilian attributes to Livy.
  • "Without a sanctuary Yahweh would have seemed a foreigner to Israel.
  • Invariably a foreigner, elected for a year with power of life and death and control of the armed force, but subject to a strict account at the expiration of his office, the podest might be compared to a dictator invested with limited authority.
  • The most important of these were the Carbonari lodges, whose objects were the expulsion of the foreigner and the achievement of constitutional freedom (see CARBONARI).
  • Italy and expelling the foreigner, and told that he was free to choose whether he would be the first of men or the last of Italian tyrants.

What's another word for foreigner?

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